Syamil, O Level Student, Independent School said,

“Sinergia was very interesting and made me feel comfortable because of the outstanding tutors. I really enjoyed the service as they were very helpful and kind.”

Adam Syammas Zaki Purnomo, A Level Alumnus, Learning Support Program said,

“The tutors in Sinergia were very qualified. The courses were very well structured and understood easily. Thank you, Sinergia. I made the undergraduate scholarship in Tohoku University, Japan.”

Axel Jusuf, A Level Alumnus, Independent School said,

“Studying in Sinergia.com was very fun and very focused because the composition between the students and the tutors were ideal. The schedule was flexible and can be adjusted, very suitable for students that can’t follow the public school schedule.”

Scott, AS Level Alumnus, Independent School said

 “I’m now at William Blue College of Hospitality Management. Sinergia taught me to be more independent and not rely on anyone else. Sinergia also helped me learn more and how to deal with the real world. All tutors can be unreliable when teaching. The material taught is also easy to understand.”

Jessica, A Level Alumnus, Independent School said

“Overall, Sinergia Worldwide Education is good because the schedule can be arranged flexible with student needs. Now I continue my study in Communication and Media Department, University of Leeds.”

Putri Modiyanti, AS Level Alumnus, Homeschooling said

“Never feel regret choosing Sinergia. The tutors were very helpful and the materials were just as good as the formal school, though the program is not conducted every day, so I can do much more activities.”